As cubesat and smallsat class spacecraft become compelling and beneficial alternatives to larger/traditional/geosynchronous the financial and operational value of adding propulsion capability continues to increase. Benchmark Space’s integrated systems were designed to be responsive to many previously unsolved challenges our satellite partners and prospective customers are facing:

  • Integration Cost
  • Safety/Reliability
  • Launch Operations
  • Lead time

Orbit Insertion

After separation from a launch vehicle or rideshare, the BSS propulsion system can be used to phase a spacecraft and/or adjust the orbit to your mission specific requirements.


At the end of your spacecraft’s mission life, the BSS propulsion system is ideal to safely and efficiently execute a deorbit maneuver, clearing the space for a replacement asset.

Collision Avoidance

Proliferation of space is a growing concern. The BSS propulsion system offers fast, responsive maneuvering in the event that another spacecraft or piece of debris is a probable close approach.


The BSS propulsion system provides the required directional delta-V to maintain your spacecraft in its desired orbit.

Orbit Transfer

In the event that you need to reposition the spacecraft at some point, the BSS propulsion system can be used to maneuver to the phasing orbit and into the new operational orbit.

Life Extension

Pairing the BSS propulsion system to an asset nearing end of life can increase its lifetime, generating more revenue or capability from a spacecraft that is already on orbit.

Momentum Management

A BSS propulsion system can be configured to provide sufficient spacecraft torque to rapidly desaturate reaction wheels at altitudes where other methods are difficult or impossible.

RPO and Servicing

The BSS propulsion system offers precise maneuvering capabilities to our customers looking to do fine pointing, RPO, and servicing.