Benchmark Space offers scalable propulsion products with additively manufactured core components that can be easily configured for individual spacecraft to large constellations. We attribute the growing demand for our products to our On-Demand Pressurization System (ODPS™), “green” propellants, and the ability to deliver integration-ready systems in a best-in-class lead time. The modular architecture of our mobility control board allows for a common integration method across products, helping our customers avoid costs and ensure the optimal solution from mission to mission.
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In support of larger spacecraft, complex missions, and sophisticated customer partnerships, Benchmark Space offers a range of mobility subsystems and services ‘a la carte’. Current subsystem offerings include a variety of Thrusters, Propellant Tanks, and our ODPS™ for your on-orbit pressurization or gas generation operations. Service offerings include rideshare and launch vehicle support as well as propulsion integration, fueling, and operational services.
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For the rideshare and small launch vehicle market we offer orbital transport vehicle (OTV) propulsion for our exclusive partner Spaceflight. The Spaceflight Sherpa OTV baselines our best-in-class, 'green' chemical propulsion technology with ODPS™ for the best launch vehicle agnostic option for access to space. Our propulsion on the Spaceflight OTV delivers rapid and cost effective orbital transfers to get your satellite/payload to its operational orbit within days of launch vs weeks or months observed with electric propulsion-equipped offerings. The system is built upon Tesseract's high thrust engine development and Benchmark bundled propulsion and control kits.
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