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Space Junk Educational Resources for Kids

Space Junk! 20 seriously strange things you'll find in space
Did you know there’s a whole host of man-made objects, floating around thousands of miles away in space? 
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Space junk - it's out of this world
Rockets and satellites, moonwalks and more: let's explore space junk facts in this seventh edition of McKinsey for Kids. Find your flight suit and buckle up for a closer look at the future of space and how people are trying to deal with the stratospheric equivalent of your family's junk drawer.
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What is space debris?
There are tens of millions of pieces of space debris!
There’s an awful lot of space debris that we humans have put into space, and most is still orbiting the Earth.
Its estimated that there are tens of millions of pieces of space debris.
Most of this comprised of small particles, less than 1 centimetre…
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What is Space Junk?
Space debris – or ‘space junk’ – is any natural or man-made particle that surrounds the Earth or is in space. While most of it is very small, some debris is extremely large in size and can cause collisions with other satellites or rockets, which can make future space exploration and communications very difficult. Here’s all you need to know about space junk. 
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Space Garbage | Space Song
Learn all about different stars and planets in outer space! Check out "Space Garbage", a fun and educational Space Song presented by Pinkfong.
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Call for Videos

Video submission process opening soon, where kids grades K-8 can share why space is important to them.

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Space Art Contest

Beginning Fall 2023, kids grades K-12 will be invited to participate in a space art contest. Join the mailing list below.

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STEAM Grant Competition

Beginning Spring 2024, high school students will be invited to participate in our space sustainability STEAM grant program. Join the mailing list below.

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