Benchmark is your in-space mobility partner

Beyond offering innovative turnkey propulsion systems, Benchmark's trusted world-class team will help you curate an end-to-end mobility toolkit with significant cost, schedule and capability benefits.


Our Mobility-As-A-Service (MaaS) offering is a breakthrough in-space mobility service that can eliminate upfront propulsion system costs and enhance our customer's business models. Allowing satellite operations and on-orbit services providers to pay as they go for in-space transport improves ROI and resource utilization.

Learn more about our partnership with SCOUT and Orbit Fab, with both partners taking advantage of our MaaS offering while allowing them to invest more upfront capital in their in-space infrastructure while paying for on-demand propulsion from operational revenues.

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“Mobility-as-a-Service by Benchmark goes very well with on-orbit fuel delivery. Spacecraft of the future no longer need to worry about running out of fuel and can pass their positioning risk off to a mobility service provider. Knowing we can pay for mobility as we use it to meet our customer’s growing demand, is an innovative business model we like to support. Benchmark can get their customers where they need to go and Orbit Fab will keep those customer spacecraft fueled.”
- Adam Harris, Vice President of Business Development, OrbitFab
“Benchmark understands the financial and technical challenges facing next generation satellite ecosystems, and its mobility as a service offering allows us to integrate Halcyon thrusters at little upfront cost and defer mobility service payments until we’re generating cash flow.”
- Eric Ingram, CEO, SCOUT
“Orbit Fab is thrilled to see the enthusiasm and expertise driving innovative collaborations like this one between Starfish Space and Benchmark Space Systems focused on honing capabilities that will fuel the future of space. The more partnerships there are pushing new ideas and innovations, the sooner the broader space industry will catch the wave of new in-space services like our Orbit Fab Gas Stations in Space™ tanker set to launch RPOD maneuver demonstrations in a matter of days.”
Daniel Faber, CEO, Orbit Fab

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