ODPS™ - On Demand PRessurization system

Originally developed through a partnership between the University of Vermont and NASA under an EPSCoR grant, our patented ODPS™ enables unpressurized launch for all of our product lines. Our ODPS™ is 'fueled' with a stable non-toxic powder that is DOT approved for shipping, which means it is filled at our facility and doesn't require any further attention during integration or launch operations.
Electrical and mechanical inhibits prevent any risk of pressurization or unintended leaks during launch and deployment. Once on orbit, a pressurization command is sent to initiate a short-duration, low-power process that converts and expands the powdered fuel into a nitrogen-based gas that is controlled by a regulator and valve assembly.

hypergolic micromixing

Benchmark Space's additively manufactured combustion chamber and nozzle assemblies are host to a breakthrough technology in bipropellant propulsion at this scale. Several years of research and development have resulted in a patent-pending micromixing technique that eliminates the need for complex, long-lead catalyst beds that can be cost and power prohibitive for small satellites.