2N Lynx Bipropellant Thrusters Ready for Production

Production and Qualification Testing of our 2N Lynx Bipropellant Thruster

DSC000172N Lynx Bipropellant Thrusters readied for system integration

While Benchmark enters production phase on several of our flagship thrusters and propulsion platforms, our 2N Lynx dual-mode bipropellant thruster is in final stages of qualification testing, in advance of first missions and several deliveries planned for 2024.

Lynx, a smaller-scaled version of our flight-proven 22N Ocelot thruster, is optimized to utilize a combination of High-Test Peroxide and Octane for use in the Halcyon Avant propulsion systems. Benchmark primarily focuses on High-Test Peroxide as a propellant for its superior performance, density impulse, and specific impulse. Testing has helped demonstrate the versatility of our dual-mode thrusters with long steady-state firing capability at 300s specific impulse and precision pulsed performance in ‘mono-prop’ mode. 

Engineer Matt Walton led the development of the Lynx thruster, with operational support from our Production, Quality and Propulsion groups. We look forward to Lynx’s first missions next year.

Walton Lynx 1000 px

Developer Matt Walton shows off test unit

Lynx Stand 1000 px     2N Lynx Hotfire Test 1000 px

Lynx undergoes hotfire testing in our Pleasanton, CA office

Exploded View 1500 pxExploded view of Lynx thruster development unit