Members of Benchmark's Team to Speak at 3AF Space Propulsion Conference

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Three Technical Papers to be Presented

Glasgow, Scotland, May 20-23, 2024

Members of our talented team will present their critical research at the 9th Edition of the Space Propulsion Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, May 20-23.  

At Benchmark, we are committed to harnessing the industry’s finest minds to drive innovation. The conference theme, “How to speed up innovative propulsion release to market,” is a topic we’ve explored since our founding in 2017. The question becomes increasingly pressing as satellite operators compete for strategic orbital locations and additional responsiveness is required due to elevated traffic levels.  

Sometimes the path requires a deep dive into solving industry issues, such as Samantha’s Graham's paper on “Hydrogen Peroxide Material Compatibility for Propulsion Engineers.” 

 Thomas White’s paper “Qualification Testing of a High-Performance 22N Green Bipropellant Rocket Engine Using High-Test Peroxide and Octane” validates innovation with robust testing methodologies. 
Kent Frankovich’s “Metal Plasma Thruster: From Garage to Orbit in Four Years” sets a clear example of rapid and effective productization.  

These bodies of work contribute to the greater mission of developing a thoughtful, sustainable space ecosystem that adds value to life on Earth for generations to come. If you are in Scotland for Space Propulsion, come find these brilliant members of our team to learn more about their important work.