An Update From The Lab!

An Update From The Lab!

COVID-19 has so many around the globe working from home and,while it's been good to catchup on other projects, we are definitely missing the lab work we fell in love with. The social distancing, while necessary, came at a time of great momentum as the team was smashing through major milestones on a weekly basis.

ODPS, perhaps the calling card of our company; our ‘secret’ to a safe and unpressurized launch, was successfully operated for the first time in its new form. Our thrust stand, which will be so vital in giving our team and our customers meaningful and relevant data, went through some major upgrades to improve its reliability and responsiveness. Life and cycle testing are critical for delivering a good product, and these improvements will go a long way to assuring our customers that our systems will always deliver.

The star of the show this past week, though, was B125, which was assembled for the first time. Not only did this give us an opportunity to fit check the components and confirm our assembly process but it also gave us a time of celebration and reflection of the countless hours of testing,designing, and mid-afternoon brainstorming sessions that made the physical hardware possible.

There is still work to be done and the team is continuing to rise to the occasion. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible on this scale isn't easy, but none of us are here because it is easy. We are here because we believe in the mission.


Jared Bowman

Test Engineer