CEO Ryan McDevitt Addresses Graduate College Students at the University of Vermont Commencement

CEO Ryan McDevitt Addresses Students at the University of Vermont Graduate College Ceremony

UVM Graduate College Ceremony Speaker Ryan McDevitt's CEO Ryan McDevitt, G '14 addressed the students at the University of Vermont as the Commencement Speaker at the Graduate College Ceremony. Ryan shared his journey from graduate research in propulsion technology to building a space company in Vermont. 

According to the University's website, "McDevitt and (Professor Darren) Hitt co-invented technologies that became the basis of Benchmark’s first marketable technologies. McDevitt and Benchmark Space Systems maintain a close relationship with UVM, supporting senior design projects, graduate students, and research groups working on space-related endeavors." 

"My time at UVM has changed the entire trajectory of my life. The support I received as a student and an alumnus has helped to make something I could have only dreamed of in the Fall of 2009 a reality." - Ryan McDevitt

Watch Ryan's commencement address below.