EVONA's Origin Stories Space Podcast Interview with Ryan McDevitt

EVONA's Origin Stories Space Podcast, interview with Ryan McDevitt 

Head Shot - Ryan McDevittBenchmark's Co-Founder and CEO, Ryan McDevitt, joined EVONA's Origin Stories Space Podcast to share his insights on STEM education and resources, failures and successes, building a resilient team, and the future of space accessibility.

According to Ryan, “Engineering is as much about failure as it is about success. Yet we don’t set up our academic curriculum up like that, we don’t set our teaching paradigm up like that. Did you get an A, or did you get an F? That’s how we think about these things. It’s so different once you get out and you’re actually in the field. I want to see people who are resilient. They know how to take a failure, learn their lesson, and turn it into a success down the road."
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