System Deliveries Rolling Out of Our New Headquarters

Hardware is rolling off our enhanced production line, through our recently commissioned in-house testing process and off to our mission partners.

“Each shipment out of our new facility represents a culmination of knowledge we’ve gained over the years, while leveraging the added benefits of expanded capabilities. With this third-generation hardware we experienced a more streamlined assembly, fewer re-works and a well-executed environmental testing process, all conducted in-house.” Ryan McDevitt, Benchmark’s CEO  

As previously announced, Benchmark was selected by The Exploration Company, a European start-up developing in-orbit exploration vehicles, to develop the propulsion system for its second demonstrator flight, ‘Mission Possible.’ The Mission’s main objective is to perform a safe re-entry of the capsule.  

The propulsion system shown in the video is based on Benchmark’s flight-proven 22N “Ocelot” bi-propellant (HTP + Octane) thrusters and propellant tanks that were used to perform a 700 km orbit raise in the debut mission of Benchmark's Halcyon Avant system. The team is proud of the many hours of meticulous design, production, test efforts, mission partner collaboration and successful delivery! We look forward to system launch and demonstrating this important operational capability as an early mover for the emerging down-mass market as in-space manufacturing and point-to-point logistics become operational.