Synaptic Supercollider Names Benchmark of the 11 Best Startups in Vermont

Synaptic Supercollider Names Benchmark One of the 11 Best Startups in Burlington, Vermont

11 Best Startups in Burlington, Vermont

Once again, Benchmark Space Systems was included in Synaptic Supercollider's list of the best startups in Vermont. Published ahead of its annual symposium, the eclectic list includes innovative companies from diverse sectors such as aerospace, healthcare, marketing, and business development. Held in September, the symposium brings together forward-thinking speakers and artists to discuss new trends in innovation, entrepreneurship, film and music.

Benchmark is part of a growing trend of cutting-edge companies setting up shop in Burlington. As Synaptic Supercollider points out:

"Burlington is home to the University of Vermont, Champlain College, and Saint Michael's College which turn out plenty of fresh talent from their hallowed halls. The combination of college town and proximity to nature makes Burlington a great location for startup companies looking to balance professional fulfillment with personal development."

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