Satellite Evolution Global Magazine Q&A with Ryan McDevitt

SatelliteEvolutionGlobalissue-Feb24-Digital_Page_1Satellite Evolution Global Magazine Q&A with Ryan McDevitt

Satellite Evolution Global Magazine sat down with our Chief Executive Officer, Ryan McDevitt, for the February 2024 edition of their global magazine.

Ryan touches on what it means to be a full lifecycle mobility partner, green propulsion, scalability and capabilities, industry partnerships and acquisitions, hybrid propulsion systems, modular propulsion for rapid configuration, re-entry, and more.

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Revolutionizing in-space propulsion...
Crispin Littlehales, Global Contributing Editor, Satellite Evolution Group

Benchmark Space Systems has evolved from developing propulsion systems for cube sats to
providing sophisticated hardware, software, and operational expertise enabling precise mobility in
space. We talked to Ryan McDevitt, Benchmark’s Founder and CEO to find out more about the company’s remarkable technology. 

Benchmarks new 40000 sq ft HQ features full end-to-end internal test and manufacturing

Question: What inspired you to found Benchmark and what has surprised you most about the company’s evolution?

Ryan McDevitt: In 2014, when I got my PhD, I was watching companies like Planet and Spire use cube sats to do cool stuff in space. I was excited
and inspired by that, but I also thought there was an opportunity for a company with a focus on propulsion to contribute to the missions of all these small sat companies. What has been surprising is how much the falling costs of launch have increased opportunities for satellites to get into orbit and to witness the evolution from the very small satellites to larger satellites that are performing very complex applications like viewing climate change from space using hyperspectral imaging.

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