SatMagazine - A Conversation with Chris Carella

SatMagazine November 2022 Edition CoverSatMagazine - A Conversation with Chris Carella

Keeping our sensors on the pulse of the market, Benchmark’s EVP, Business Development & Technology checks in with Satnews for their November edition of SatMagazine. Read on to learn more about:

  • The significance of this new electric propulsion metal plasma thruster (MPT) technology that Benchmark is integrating into its propulsion solution suite

  • How the metal plasma thrusters work and examples of use cases where an operator would need MPT, chemical and hybrid propulsion

  • How hybrid systems will drive propulsion demand across the industry

  • What’s on the horizon for Benchmark


Lightning in a Bottle.
Aggressive moves into hybrid propulsion.
To learn how this in-space mobility provider has captured “lightning in a bottle” via the company’s newly acquired, metal plasma thruster (MPT) tech (which is on the verge of its debut mission in space), a visit with Chris Carella revealed Benchmark Space Systems’ aggressive moves into the hybrid propulsion market segment.

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