STAR Contract Award

Our team has earned a STAR (Space Technology Advanced Research) contract award from the United States Air Force!
Congratulations to the USAF and BSS teams that executed our AFWERX Phase II work to adapt our Peregrine propulsion system to meet USAF needs; which led to this follow-on contract aimed at integrating additional subsystems and functionality to a bundled, turn-key solution. We are in position and confident we will deliver the rapid deployment, reliability, and command/control capabilities that USAF and United States Space Force missions require.

Topic Area 1. Space vehicle functionality and logistics: Enhance core spacecraft components and subsystems to enable game-changing improvements in agility, resilience, affordability and performance for DoD spacecraft.

STAR Background: The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Space Vehicles Directorate (RV) equips the joint warfighter with a spectrum of agile, effective, resilient, and affordable mission capabilities delivered from, to and through space to ensure the national defense. AFRL/RV is interested in maturing space-domain technologies related to space-flight, signals, transportation, and energy from early functional proof of concept through demonstration of full system or architecture prototypes.