Xantus Metal Plasma Thruster Delivered Ahead of Schedule

Xantus Delivered Ahead of Schedule

image (29)-1A flight-ready Xantus unit destined for Orion Space Solutions’ EWS (Electro Optical Weather System) mission was recently delivered – six days early. After going through acceptance vibe and running in the test chamber for 35 hours of conditioning, the unit will now be integrated into the spacecraft and go through a series of tests, aiming for launch in 2024.

IMG_E1312-1The metal plasma thruster technology developed by Alameda Applied Sciences Corporation was acquired by Benchmark just nine months ago. Over two dozen units are currently under contract, with successful test chamber firings completed using a variety of metal propellants. Some are set to play a key role in precision pointing operations and upcoming, unnamed in-space servicing, assembly, and manufacturing (ISAM) satellite docking demonstration missions.  

In line with Benchmark’s approach in understanding and optimizing our products for safe and accessible propellants, Xantus will undergo independent testing at NASA GRC through August to verify performance with various metals. 

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